Kokkola is situated in the heart of Finnish boat building, as the companies on the Bothnian coast are responsible for 65 percent of the Finnish boat export total. High competence and centuries of boat building tradition show, especially in top quality motor boats.

The boat building cluster of Kokkola region, with more than 100 companies, employs about 1,500 people. The companies make several internationally known top brands for leisure boating. In addition, Kokkola launches specially tailored boats to the seas of the world, e.g. for various authorities.

One of the strengths of our boatbuilding is the comprehensive local design and subcontractor network. Purchasing of materials goes smoothly, utilizing already existing international networks, and new professionals are trained to the branch all the time.

In addition, we have a high competence level in aluminium and composite materials, we manufacture demanding propulsion systems, have international maintenance services and excellent sites available by the sea, so Kokkola is an optimal environment, especially for developing and manufacturing 40 to 60 feet hybrid motor boats.