Nextjet increase flights from Kruunupyy to Sweden

The Nextjet airline company will significantly increase their flights from Kruunupyy Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport to Sweden.

As of March 12, the company will fly 26 times a week from Kruunupyy to Stockholm, instead of the current 14 flights. In addition, Nextjet will also start, as a new service, flights from Kruunupyy, via Umeå, to Gothenburg at the same time on March 12.

The number of passengers between Kruunupyy and Arlanda increased by more than 10% last year. According to Nextjet’s announcement, thanks to the company’s cooperation networks, the Stockholm route also provides business representatives with smooth connections from Arlanda to various parts of the world.

The Kruunupyy-Umeå-Gothenburg route, on the other hand, particularly serves weekend trips from Friday to Monday.