Kokkola has developed into an important center of daily and special product trade. Many Finnish and international retail chains that have made investments are interested in the possibilities for trade and services in Kokkola. Specialized stores add diversity to the products on offer.

The biggest shopping area outside city center is at Heinola where you can find many large stores. The next important location for trade development will be Piispanmäki, which is situated in a logistically interesting area.

The city of Kokkola makes long-term investments also in the city center. Kokkola has received e.g. the annually awarded City Center of the Year in Finland award.

During the last ten years, there have been private investments of nearly 80 million Euros in Kokkola city center. The future investments for Railway Square traveller terminal, event center, and underground parking make the operating conditions for trade in the center even better.

According to surveys, the trading status of Kokkola will get stronger even in future, thanks to population growth and increasing purchasing power. The growth of purchasing power will be directed to both grocery and specialized stores, and that will create new demand for more retail store space.